Addepar Client Portal

January 2014 – February 2014


Wealth managers struggle to keep their clients up to date. Often, the only communication that exists between them and their clients are monthly or quarterly meetings and reports that quickly become outdated, even though consumers already enjoy services, such as, which can offer ongoing financial insight in near real-time.

The portal tool helps bridge this issue. Wealth managers can now allow clients to sign in to their firm-branded portal and instantly view and explore their updated portfolios. The portal allows the sharing of “views" that contain a customizable table and complement of charts, continuously updating clients on their financial holdings and highlighting relevant data. Additionally, reports and other files can be organized and shared easily through the portal.


I have been responsible for the design, HTML, and CSS of multiple iterations of the portal. I worked with fellow engineers on each iteration, and the portal is currently actively developed while in use by wealth managers and their clients.


Designing the portal has been a challenge because it is white-labelled and can be branded by any of Addepar's clients. The current design reflects the simplicity of a physical report, offering familiarity to the targeted users of the portal. To keep the portal easily comprehensible for end users, we seeked to maintain a balance between sufficient content display and efficient use of space. Throughout the iteration process, client feedback was constantly taken into consideration. As a result, we developed the ember-table specifically to support financial tables that could have many rows, including frozen columns, headers, and footers, to allow for the organized display of vast amounts of financial data.

There are still many opportunities to improve the portal. For one, a responsive version of the portal is still missing. We could also look further into developing an iPad and iOS app for end clients to gain insight into their portfolio on the go.